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Ntinda Office:
35 Martyrs Way, Ntinda
P.O.Box 7066
Tel: 256-414-286635/6/7/8
Fax: 256-414-289397

Kyambogo Office:
8-13 Kyambogo Road
Tel:  256-312-260753
Fax: 256-414-287832

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A'Level : Exam Centers
CenterNo Centre Name and Address District Exams
U1328Centenary High Sch Nyendo, P O Box 1919, MasakaMASAKAUCE,UACE
U0969Central Academy Kawempe P.O. Box 21647 KampalaKAMPALAUCE,UACE
U1843Central College Kabimbiri, Box 141, KampalaTel.MUKONOUCE,UACE
U1361Central College Kamuli, Box 125, KamuliKAMULIUCE,UACE
U1304Central College Kawempe, P O Box 28341, KampalaKAMPALAUCE,UACE
U0859Central College Mityana, P.O. Box 240, MityanaMITYANAUCE,UACE
U1341Central College School Nateete, Box 40022, KampalaKAMPALAUCE,UACE
U1594Central View HS Mukono, Box 431, MukonoMukonoUCE,UACE
U0456Chemwania H S, Box 22 KapchorwaKAPCHORWAUCE,UACE
U1174 Chesower SS, P. O. Box 98 KapchorwaBUKWOUCE,UACE
U1345Christ School Bundibugyo, Box 1141, BundibugyoBUNDIBUGYOUCE,UACE
U0022Christ the King SS Kalisizo, Box 5 KalisizoTel.0772-637734RAKAIUCE,UACE
U0205Chwa II Memorial College, Box 7008 KampalaKAMPALAUCE,UACE
U2146Citizens SS Ibanda, Box 25, IbandaTel.0772-573643/4, 0772-357518IBANDAUCE,UACE
U0936Citizens' HS Mbarara, Box 1475 MbararaTel.0485-20923, 0772-501419ISINGIROUCE,UACE
U0104City High School, Box 4405 Kampala Tel.041-341872KAMPALAUCE,UACE
U1325City Hill College Mutundwe, P O Box 9317, KampalaKAMPALAUCE,UACE
U1145City S.S. Kasubi P.O.Box 31578 KampalaKAMPALAUCE,UACE
U1280City Star SS Kampala, Box 12543, KampalaKAMPALAUCE,UACE
U1349City View HS Kyebando, Box 16518, WandegeyaTel.0772-403083, 0772-628899KAMPALAUCE,UACE
U2113Cityland College Matugga, Box 34211, KampalaTel.0752-659272 (DIR), 0712-832028 (HM)WAKISOUCE,UACE
U1947Cleverland HS Mbarara, Box 1111, MbararaTel.MBARARAUCE,UACE
U0921Clive College Kireka Box 26737 KampalaTel.0772-636810, 0772-313758, 0712-419651WAKISOUCE,UACE
U0012Comboni College Lira, P.O. Box 203, LiraLIRAUCE,UACE
U1509Comprehensive College Kitetikka, Box 914, K’laWAKISOUCE,UACE
U0727Comprehensive HS Kampala, Box 11869 K'la (W/D)KAMPALAUCE,UACE
U1800Comprehensive HS Mubende, Box 156, MubendeTel..0712-862239, 0772-587106MUBENDEUCE,UACE
U1263Concerted Coll Sch Ntinda, Box 24459, KampalaTel.0712-861076KAMPALAUCE,UACE
U1366Countryside SS, Box 321, Iganga (U)IGANGAUCE,UACE
U0927Crane HS Kampala, Box 21954 KampalaTel..0772-424159KAMPALAUCE,UACE
U1155Crane HS Kitintale, P.O.Box 28090 KampalaTel.0772-587816KAMPALAUCE,UACE
U1102Crescent HS Kampala, Box 26954 KampalaKAMPALAUCE,UACE
U0848Crested SS Kampala, Box 9788 KampalaKAMPALAUCE,UACE
U1483Crown HS, Box 27815, KampalaWAKISOUCE,UACE
U0133Dabani Girls School, Box 165 Busia (U)BUSIAUCE,UACE
U1855Dara Christian HS Lira, Box 408, LiraTel.LIRAUCE,UACE
U1470Day star Christian SS Hoima, Box 363, HoimaHOIMAUCE,UACE
U1912Daystar SS Koboko, Box 94, KobokoTel.KOBOKOUCE,UACE
U1696Dede SS Bugiri, Box 74, Bugiri-NamayingoTel..077-324071BUGIRIUCE,UACE
U0657Devine High School Mpererwe Box 37063 KampalaTel. 0782-423946, 0772-428784WAKISOUCE,UACE
U0072Dr. Obote College Boroboro, Box 91 LiraLIRAUCE,UACE
U0016Duhaga Sec School, P.O. Box 61 HoimaHOIMAUCE,UACE
U1526Dynamic SS Ssonde, Box 14621, KampalaMUKONOUCE,UACE
U0722Eagle's Nest SS Kampala, Box 2613 KampalaUCE,UACE
U2159East College School Lumuli-Seeta Box 35261, KampalaTel.0782-809123, 0774-646401, 0772-493013MUKONOUCE,UACE
U1058East HS Ntinda, P.O. Box 11377 KampalaTel.041/288263, 0772-500403 Fax: 041/257832KAMPALAUCE,UACE
U1763East SS Buyala Jinja, Box 106, JinjaJINJAUCE,UACE
U1355Ebenezer Christian SS Entebbe, Box 21080, KampalaWAKISOUCE,UACE
U2154Eden High School, Box 19120, KasangatiTel.0712-815437WAKISOUCE,UACE
U1946Eden Intern School Mbarara, Box 877, MbararaTel.MBARARAUCE,UACE
U0453Ediofe Girls' SS, Box 143 AruaARUAUCE,UACE
U1859Ekitangaala SS Kakooge, Box 9242, KampalaTel.NAKASONGOLAUCE,UACE
U0734Elgon HS Mbale, Box 1344 Mbale (W/D A)UCE,UACE
U1802Emma HS Kikaaya, Box 16485, KampalaTel..041-541474, 0712-346038 KAMPALAUCE,UACE
U1353Entebbe Comprehensive SS, Box 129, EntebbeWAKISOUCE,UACE
U1766Entebbe Girls SS Box 926 EntebbeTel.. 041-380202/0752-639911/0772-432394WAKISOUCE,UACE
U0532Entebbe Hall, C/O H/M Entebbe SS, Box 34 EntebbeWAKISOUCE,UACE
U0716Entebbe Parents’ SS, Box 474 EntebbeWAKISOUCE,UACE
U0093Entebbe Secondary School, Box 206 EntebbeTel.320661WAKISOUCE,UACE
U1409Equator College Lugazi, Box 80, Lugazi Tel.0712-866972MUKONOUCE,UACE
U1934Equatorial College Ibanda, Box 53, IbandaTel.IBANDAUCE,UACE
U1105Equatorial College Namuwongo, P O Box 26060 K'laKAMPALAUCE,UACE
U0648Erimu College School Soroti, Box 186 SorotiSOROTIUCE,UACE
U0283Erussi Secondary School, Box 157 NebbiNEBBIUCE,UACE
U1459Everest College, Box 138, Luwero Tel.0772-464551, 0772-953901LUWEEROUCE,UACE
U1854Everlight College Kalungu Bbunga, Box 12269, KampalaTel.KAMPALAUCE,UACE
U1471Excel Boarding SS Masindi, P O Box 133, MasindiMASINDIUCE,UACE
U1074Excel HS Masindi, Box 133 MasindiMASINDIUCE,UACE
U1258Excel Millenium HS Kampala, Box 5405, Kampala0772-406215WAKISOUCE,UACE
U1407Excell SS Mukono, Box 233, MukonoMUKONOUCE,UACE
U0961Fairland HS Mukono, P.O. Box 517 MukonoMUKONOUCE,UACE
U1807Fisher Branch Kalagala HS, Box 4695, KlaTel.. 0772-484521MPIGIUCE,UACE
U0230Fort Portal Hall, C/O Nyakasura School,P.O. Box 16, Fort PortalKABAROLEUCE,UACE
U0942Fort Portal SS, Box 457 Fort-PortalTel.0483-22565, 0772-493861KABAROLEUCE,UACE
U1537Gaba Mixed HS, Box 10800, KampalaKAMPALAUCE,UACE
U1541Galaxy SS, Box 30041, KampalaWAKISOUCE,UACE
U0152Gamatui Girls' School, Box 37, KapchorwaKAPCHORWAUCE,UACE
U1762Gateway HS Muguluka, Box 1291, JinjaTel..0772-434584JINJAUCE,UACE
U1979Gayaza Cambridge College, Box 19092, KasangatiTel.WAKISOUCE,UACE
U0013Gayaza High School, Box 7029, Kampala Tel.567239WAKISOUCE,UACE
U2216Gayaza Mixed SS, Box 2040, KampalaTel.0774-444985WAKISOUCE,UACE
U1588Golden School Kampala, Box 5404, KampalaTel.0772-954192KAMPALAUCE,UACE
U2143Gomba Global College, Box 356, KampalaMPIGIUCE,UACE
U0077Gombe SS, Box 192 Gombe-MpigiTel.0772-790799MPIGIUCE,UACE
U1829Good Shepherd HS Bweyogerere, Box 4460, KlaTel.WAKISOUCE,UACE
U2268Good Shepherd HS Nansana, Box 27312, KampalaTel.0712-116211WAKISOUCE,UACE
U2088Goodheart SS Jinja, Box 2029, JinjaTel.0712-400400JINJAUCE,UACE
U1400Grace HS Bulamu, Box 16210, WandegeyaWAKISOUCE,UACE
U2231Grace SS, Box 1001, MbaleTel.MBALEUCE,UACE
U1445Great Aubrey Mem Coll, Box 714, TororoTOROROUCE,UACE
U1810Green Hill SS Kyamulibwa, Box 1467, MasakaTel..0772-329621MASAKAUCE,UACE
U1364Green Valley HS, Box 18161, KayungaKAYUNGAUCE,UACE
U1043Greenfields HS Iganga, P.O. Box 670 IgangaIGANGAUCE,UACE
U0794Greenhill Academy Kampala, Box 7490, KampalaKAMPALAUCE,UACE
U1436Greenhill College Kaberebere, Box 696, MbararaISINGIROUCE,UACE
U1213Greenhill SS Bugiri, P O Box 221, BugiriBUGIRIUCE,UACE
U0834Greenlight HS Kampala, Box 8060 KampalaWAKISOUCE,UACE
U1188Greenstars HS Entebbe, P O Box 859, EntebbeWAKISOUCE,UACE
U0887Greenville HS Mukono, Box 16561 KampalaTel..290203, 0782-312166MUKONOUCE,UACE
U1083Greenvine Coll Kayunga, Box 18132 Kayunga (W/D)Tel.0772-478265, 0752-652408KAYUNGAUCE,UACE
U0212Gregg SS Box 1724 Kampala (W/D)KAMPALAUCE,UACE
U1072Gulu Central High School P O Box 531 GuluTel.0772-586959, 0772-524346, 0772-402377GULUUCE,UACE
U1054Gulu College P.O. Box 912 GuluGULUUCE,UACE
U0226Gulu Hall, C/O Gulu High Sch. Box 202 GuluGULUUCE,UACE
U0015Gulu High School, P.O. Box 202 GuluEmail:duhaga2002@yahoo.comGULUUCE,UACE
U0098Gulu Secondary School, Box 47 GuluTel..0471-32254, 0772-680862GULUUCE,UACE
U1576Hallmark HS, Box 72, MbararaMBARARAUCE,UACE
U1035Hamdan Girls High School Box 683 MbaleMBALEUCE,UACE
U1665Hana Mixed SS, Box 8303, Kampala Tel.Tel.. 0772-432709, 0772-610755, 0312-273590 website:www.hanamixedschool.comKampalaUCE,UACE
U2096Hands of Grace SS Lugazi, Box 168, LugaziTel.0782-975472MUKONOUCE,UACE
U0980Happy Hours SS Bwaise, Box 16398 KampalaKAMPALAUCE,UACE
U1265Harvard College Hoima, Box 448, HoimaTel.0772-415932, 0772-583419HOIMAUCE,UACE
U0666Hasayha Sec. Sch. Box 575 MbaleBUTALEJAUCE,UACE
U1367Havard HS Idudi, Box 02, Idudi-IgangaTel.0772-970729, 0782-465763IGANGAUCE,UACE
U0898Hawa SS Kampala, Box 5521 KampalaWAKISOUCE,UACE
U2235Helm SS Kisoga, Box 865, MukonoTel.0772-581501MUKONOUCE,UACE
U1076Henry Kasule Mem Coll Kakiri, Box 5, KakiriWAKISOUCE,UACE
U1600Hereigns SS Malaba, Box 165, Malaba (U)Tel..TOROROUCE,UACE
U1429Heritage College Sch Kawempe, Box 12176, KampalaKAMPALAUCE,UACE
U1771Highfield HS of E.A., Box 2695, K’la Tel.077-686141WAKISOUCE,UACE
U1303Highland SS Kisaasi, P O Box 8327, KampalaKAMPALAUCE,UACE
U2103Highlight SS Kadama, Box 54, BudakaTel.0772-979909PALLISAUCE,UACE
U0918Highway College Makerere Box 26475 KampalaWAKISOUCE,UACE
U1534Highway SS Sironko, Box 39, SironkoSIRONKOUCE,UACE
U2174Hill View College Bulangira, Box217, PallisaTel.0775-391008, 0755-965999PALLISAUCE,UACE
U1300Hillside Academy SS-Itojo, Box 143, Itojo-NtungamoNTUNGAMOUCE,UACE
U1186Hillside HS Kampala, P O Box 7226, KampalaWAKISOUCE,UACE
U1798Hillside SS Kyanduli Kasese, Box 513, BweraKASESEUCE,UACE
U1298Hillside Voc Sch Marembo, Box 20, Marembo-BushenyiBUSHENYIUCE,UACE
U1612Hilton HS Mukono, Box 593, Mukono Tel..0772-313619, 0752-501404MUKONOUCE,UACE
U0229Hoima Hall C/O Duhaga SS Box 61 HoimaHOIMAUCE,UACE
U0739Holy Cross Lake View SS Jinja, Box 362, JinjaTel.043-120977, 0712-679880JINJAUCE,UACE
U0457Holy Family Kyamulibwa SS, Box 146 MasakaMASAKAUCE,UACE
U2160Hope Boarding SS Lutembe, Box 71303, Kampala0772-544580WAKISOUCE,UACE
U1984Hope Senior Academy Nakirebe, Box 26366, KampalaTel.MPIGIUCE,UACE
U0287Hornby High School, Box 575 KabaleKABALEUCE,UACE
U0154Humura Sec. School, Box 31, KyegegwaKYENJOJOUCE,UACE
U1118Ibanda Progressive S. S. P.O.Box 42 IbandaIBANDAUCE,UACE
U0002Ibanda Secondary School, Box 102, IbandaTel.0485-26143IBANDAUCE,UACE
U0267Ibuje Secondary School, Box 76 ApacAPACUCE,UACE
U0467Iceme Girls Sec. School, Box 336 LiraOYAMUCE,UACE
U0904Iganga Hall c/o Iganga H.Sch. Box 51 IgangaIGANGAUCE,UACE
U0078Iganga High School, Box 51 Iganga Tel.043-242337IGANGAUCE,UACE
U1139Iganga Parents S.S. P.O.Box 176 IgangaIGANGAUCE,UACE
U0812Iganga Progressive SS, Box 485 IgangaTel.077-579876IGANGAUCE,UACE
U0017Iganga Sec School, P.O. Box 15 Iganga, Tel.2337IGANGAUCE,UACE
U1203Iganga Star College Busagwa, P O Box 76, IgangaMAYUGEUCE,UACE
U1525Iganga Town View SS, Box 59, IgangaIGANGAUCE,UACE
U1820Ihunga-Mugyera Basin SS, Box 310, NtungamoTel..0782-452456, 0772-459109NTUNGAMOUCE,UACE
U0255Iki-Iki Secondary School, Box 538 MbaleBUDAKAUCE,UACE
U0274Ikwera Girls SS, Box 54 ApacAPACUCE,UACE
U0083Immaculate Heart Girls School Nyakibale,P.O. Box 52, RukungiriRUKUNGIRIUCE,UACE
U2041Iqra High School, Box 21381, KampalaTel.0772-490640, 0772-444722, 0392-889745WAKISOUCE,UACE
U1262Irma Pfeiffer Bweya HS Kajjansi, P O Box 9, KisubiTel. 0772-828316, 0772-626594, 0782-662877WAKISOUCE,UACE
U0370Iryaruvumba High Sch. Box 6 KisoroKISOROUCE,UACE
U0527Ishaka Adventist College, Box 111 BushenyiBUSHENYIUCE,UACE
U1180Ishaka Vocational SS, Box 1125, Ishaka-BushenyiBUSHENYIUCE,UACE
U0545Ishongororo H. Sch, Box 129 IbandaIBANDAUCE,UACE
U0157Isingiro Secondary School, Box 900 MbararaISINGIROUCE,UACE
U0010Jinja College, P. O Box 211, Jinja Tel.043-120571JINJAUCE,UACE
U0234Jinja Hall c/o DEO Jinja Municipality, Box 720 JinjaJINJAUCE,UACE
U1079Jinja Modern S.S P O Box 1885 JinjaJINJAUCE,UACE
U1196Jinja Parents College (JIPA), P O Box 239, JinjaJINJAUCE,UACE
U1879Jinja Progressive SS, Box 1645, JinjaTel.JINJAUCE,UACE
U0018Jinja Secondary School, Box 255 Jinja Tel.043-121100JINJAUCE,UACE
U0306Jjungo Secondary Sch., Box 11165 KampalaWAKISOUCE,UACE
U1687Jovens High Sch Entebbe, Box 29545, KampalaTel..041-321274/5 Fax.041-320373WAKISOUCE,UACE
U0470Kaabong SS. Box Kaabong, KotidoKAABONGUCE,UACE
U0546Kaaro High School, Box 4 Rushere-MbararaKIRUHURAUCE,UACE
U0437Kabaale Sanje SS, Box 37 Kyotera RakaiRAKAIUCE,UACE
U1342Kabale Brainstorm HS, Box 903, KabaleKABALEUCE,UACE
U0225Kabale Hall, C/O DEO Box 40 KabaleKABALEUCE,UACE
U0147Kabale Sec. school, Box 643 KabaleKABALEUCE,UACE
U1017Kabale Trinity College P.O. Box 1005 KabaleTel.0486-24145KABALEUCE,UACE
U0049Kabalega Secondary School, Box 31 MasindiMASINDIUCE,UACE
U2161Kabarole Adventist SS, Box 765, Fort Portal (Temporary)Tel.0772-338286 (HM), 0483-425264 (Off)KABAROLEUCE,UACE
U1346Kabarole Hillside HS, Box 844, Fort PortalKABAROLEUCE,UACE
U0119Kaberamaido SS, BoX 182, KaberamaidoKABERAMAIDOUCE,UACE
U0284Kabindi Secondary School, Box 291 KisoroKISOROUCE,UACE
U0797Kabojja Sec. Sch. Box 24163 Kampala Tel.(Off) 0772-770038, (HM) 0772-770037,Fax.253930, Website:www.kabojja.netWAKISOUCE,UACE
U1336Kabowa HS, Box 31011, KampalaTel.0772-431025, 0772-591664KAMPALAUCE,UACE
U0633Kabukunge Muslim Secondary School, P.O. Box 1725 Masak aMASAKAUCE,UACE
U0239Kabuwoko SS, Box 572, Masaka Tel.0772-800119RAKAIUCE,UACE
U1047Kabwohe Secondary School, P.O. Box 12 KabwoheBUSHENYIUCE,UACE
U0593Kaddugala SS Box 612 MasakaMASAKAUCE,UACE
U0867Kagadi Academy SS, Box 98, Kagadi-KibaleKIBAALEUCE,UACE
U1269Kagadi Peoples SS, P O Box 51, KagadiTel.0483-22415, 0772-897139, 0772-876109KIBAALEUCE,UACE
U0367Kagamba Sec. Sch., Box 2005 RwashamaireNTUNGAMOUCE,UACE
U0627Kaggulwe SS, Box 1018 Kabasanda-MpigiMPIGIUCE,UACE
U0893Kagongo Parents School, Box 289 IbandaIBANDAUCE,UACE
U0827Kagongo Sec. Sch., Box 80 IbandaIBANDAUCE,UACE
U0444Kahinju SS, Box 449 Fort Portal, Tel.0483-22708KABAROLEUCE,UACE
U0857Kajjansi Progressive S.S, Box 18518 KajjansiTel.041-200169WAKISOUCE,UACE
U0902Kakira High School P.O 3072 KakiraJINJAUCE,UACE
U0189Kakira SS, Box 3192 Kakira - JinjaTel.121938/9 Ext 187JINJAUCE,UACE
U0021Kako Secondary School, Box 536 MasakaMASAKAUCE,UACE
U0103Kakoma Sec. School, Box 2650 Kyotera RakaiRAKAIUCE,UACE
U0656Kakoro High School, Box 2240 MbalePALLISAUCE,UACE
U0825Kakungulu HS Bombo, Box 543 BomboWAKISOUCE,UACE
U0742Kakungulu Mem. Sch Kampala, Box 25719 K'laKAMPALAUCE,UACE
U0418Kalinabiri Sec School, Box 5061, KampalaTel.222668KAMPALAUCE,UACE
U1134Kaliro College Sec. School, Box 112 KaliroTel.043-242251, 0772-483759, 0772-648883, 0712-870855KALIROUCE,UACE
U0268Kaliro High School, Box 58 KaliroTel..36, Thru 043-242251KAMULIUCE,UACE
U0410Kambuga Sec. School, Box 69 Kambuga-RukungiriKANUNGUUCE,UACE
U0317Kamonkoli College Box 775 MbaleBUDAKAUCE,UACE
U2129Kampala Apostolic SS, Box 921, KampalaTel.0712-410613 (DIR), 0772-961114 (HM), 0414-253561 (Off)KAMPALAUCE,UACE
U1231Kampala Citizens College School, Box 31373, Kampala041-340792KAMPALAUCE,UACE
U0196Kampala Grammar Sch, Box 5240 Kampala (CLOSED)KAMPALAUCE,UACE
U0654Kampala High School, Box 7152 KampalaKAMPALAUCE,UACE
U0188Kampala SS, Box 4916 KampalaKAMPALAUCE,UACE
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